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Re: Libtool-fortran Warning

Em Qua, 2017-04-26 às 10:32 -0400, Angel Adames escreveu:
> Hello everyone,
> I just started working with pkgsrc and due to job requirements, I began
> installing FreeSWITCH from source. So far, all stages run OK except for some
> warnings in the building stage. I had some problems using the software so I
> think this is the reason why not everything works like it should. 
> Here's the output: 
>  [...]
>       libtool-fortran: warning: remember to run 'libtool-fortran --finish
> /usr/pkg/etc/freeswitch/lib'
>       libtool-fortran: warning: '' has not been installed in
> '/usr/pkg/etc/freeswitch/lib

for me seems nothing to worry about, just because libtool is installing in the
STAGE directory and not in /usr/pkg/etc/freeswitch/lib
Later, on the INSTALL stage, it will eventually be moved to the correct place,
so you will not see any warning afterwards


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