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Re: MesaLib: build VDPAU support if it's available.

On Fri, Feb 24, 2017 at 08:48:06AM -0800, David Shao wrote:
> At some point, at least by mesa 17.0.0, these additions to
> the PLIST will no longer be valid.
> +${PLIST.vdpau}lib/dri/
> +${PLIST.vdpau}lib/dri/
> This is because of the commit
> [Mesa-dev] st/va: hardlink driver instances to
> What happens at least with latest mesa 17.0.0,
> possibly as early as 12, is that other drivers simply are
> relinks, as can be seen if building mesa 17.0.0.
> The PLIST should actually contain something like:

Neat! I modified libva to simply look for "gallium" to use it
(patches/patch-va_va.c). It sounds like it won't be broken for
MesaLib 17, but the patch can be dropped then.

> Also /usr/pkg/lib/dri is a mismatch for libva.pc's
> current value of
> driverdir=/usr/pkg/lib/xorg/modules/dri
> Either libva's
> --with-drivers-path=[path]
> or MesaLib's
> --with-va-libdir
> configure option should be changed to match.

Thanks. I messed up a lot in that commit - it was broken at use
too and took a while to sort out. Hopefully all is well now, mpv
at least claims to be using vaapi successfully.

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