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devel/autogen build failure

With pkgsrc updated last night, devel/autogen fails to build:

  ===> Building for autogen-5.18.10nb2
  /usr/pkg/bin/bash config/mk-shdefs config/shdefs
  config/mk-shdefs: line 43: cd: too many arguments
  mk-shdefs fatal error:  no builddir
  Makefile:984: recipe for target 'config/shdefs' failed
  gmake: *** [config/shdefs] Terminated
  *** Error code 2

The immediate problem is in the bash script config/mk-shdefs, where the

  builddir=`cd $builddir && pwd`

sets builddir to *two* copies of the path (I added an
'echo ${builddir}' to check) :

  /build/pkgsrc/devel/autogen/work/autogen-5.18.10/config /build/pkgsrc/devel/autogen/work/autogen-5.18.10/config

The first copy seems to come from the cd command.  If I rewrite the
line to 

  builddir=`cd $builddir >/dev/null && pwd`

the build proceeds without error.  I suspect, however, that this is not
the right fix.  Has anyone else seen anything similar?

-- IDL

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