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Please test/review pbulk chroot patch

I've written a patch to make it simpler for users to get going with
chrooted concurrent pbulk builds, and would appreciate wider testing
and review.

The patch is here:

On NetBSD at least, the tl;dr for performing a full bulk build for an
/opt/pkg prefix in 4 chroots after applying this patch would be:

  $ cat >/tmp/mk-frag.conf <<EOF

  $ PREFIX=/opt/pkg sh mk/pbulk/ -c /tmp/mk-frag.conf -C 4

  $ /usr/pbulk/bin/bulkbuild

Further details are in the commit message.  This uses
pkgtools/mksandbox for the chroot creation so would appreciate wider
platform testing too.  There is at least one issue on EL7 Linux with
systemd that I haven't applied yet, patch for that is available here:


Jonathan Perkin  -  Joyent, Inc.  -

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