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Re: EOL adobe-flash-plugin11

chs@ wrote:

> with the es_arglen change that I just committed, this works on i386 -current now.
> amd64 -current already worked.
> with the procfs change that I just requested be pulled up to netbsd-7,
> this works on i386 netbsd-7 too.  I haven't tried amd64 netbsd-7,
> but I suspect that it will work as well.  hopefully this will make it into 7.1.

Wow, Excellent!

It seems adobe-flash-player works on
NetBSD/i386 7.1_RC1 with the following changes:

On NetBSD/amd64 7.1_RC1 with the same changes also works,
but it seems only with pkgsrc/multimedia/libflashsupport,
i.e. only works with OSS support without ALSA.

Without libflashsupport on amd64 (i.e. with Linux native ALSA),
sound doesn't work and the plugin hangs even with alsa + oss or
alsa + pulseaudio, while adobe-flash-plugin works
with alsa + oss.

Note doesn't work either with alsa + pulseaudio,
as mentioned in PR/50603:

Anyway, your es_arglen change should also be pulled up to netbsd-7 ASAP.

Izumi Tsutsui

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