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Re: EOL adobe-flash-plugin11

chs@ wrote:

> I think the short answer is "no".  :-(

Umm. :-(

> if you send me a pkg tarball of flashplayer 24,
> I'll try to fix the emulation.

I've put WIP pkgsrc files for (via shar):

To test the plugin binary, npplayer (in nspluginwrapper) would be
easier than firefox:
% ftp
% /usr/pkg/lib/nspluginwrapper/${MACHINE_ARCH}/netbsd/npplayer src=flash_tree.swf

> > 2) How should we treat current pkgsrc/multimedia/adobe-flash-plugin11? 
> if the distfile is gone, is there any point in keeping it?

It looks some Linux distribution has copies in their sites.
I wonder if I can change MASTER_SITES to refer them, though...

Izumi Tsutsui

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