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pkgsrc-2016Q4 LTS packages for illumos now available

Hi all,

I'm pleased to announce that the pkgsrc-2016Q4 binary package sets for
illumos are now available, with over 15,000 packages available.  This
is a new LTS release, and will be supported with security fixes for
the next 3 years.

As always you can install them using the instructions here:

SmartOS users should use the new 16.4.0 LTS images via imgadm(1M).

For the 2016Q4 release we welcome the following notable package
additions to the pkgsrc collection for illumos:

 - Go 1.7.4
 - NodeJS 6.9.2 and 7.2.1
 - PHP 7.1.0
 - PostgreSQL 9.6.1
 - Rust 1.14
 - Tryton 4.2.0

The following default version and option changes were made:

 - Emacs 25.1 (was 24.x)
 - MySQL 5.7.17 (was 5.6.x)
 - PostgreSQL 9.6.1 (was 9.4.x)
 - Ruby 2.3.3 (was 2.2.x)
 - The HTTP/2 option is now enabled by default

For SmartOS images, ECDSA and ED25519 host keys are now supported.

In total, 159 packages were added and 1,359 package updates were
processed since the pkgsrc-2016Q3 release.

Please report any bugs or feature requests specifically related to
this binary package set on our GitHub issues page:


Jonathan Perkin  -  Joyent, Inc.  -

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