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Odd issue with devel/cmake


Some time ago, a user reported to me an issue with how
X11_INC_SEARCH_PATH and X11_LIB_SEARCH_PATH are being set in
Modules/FindX11.cmake. At the time, I took the easy solution of manually
correcting the issue, and now finally have time to actually investigate
the issue.

Both X11_INC_SEARCH_PATH and X11_LIB_SEARCH_PATH exhibit the same two
problems: The first value incorrectly includes "xorg" in the path and
the line is duplicated. For example,


In this case, X11BASE is set to just /nasa/pkgsrc/current-test (as shown
be bmake show-var VARNAME=X11BASE and by
Modules/Platform/UnixPaths.cmake) but but somehow xorg is being inserted
and the resultant line is duplicated.

After running bmake patch, Modules/FindX11.cmake contains the expected
lines without duplication, so it seems like the problem is with the
substituion of X11BASE. However, I'm not sure why only this one file
exhibits the problem.

I was hoping to submit a patch to address the issue, but am at a loss as
to why this is happening. Any suggestions?


Iain Morgan

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