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Re: is pkgsrcCon 2015 a thing?

*resending because my first attempt yesterday got stuck, sorry if you get this twice…*


it sure is a thing ;-)

The rough schedule can be found on the website:

I don’t plan to announce an exact timetable of the talks before the event. There have already been a few confirmed submissions with interesting topics but there is still room for more. This „unconference“ format gives everyone a chance to hold a talk - even short and spontaneously. If you want to present something it would be cool if could let me know before, but if you are uncertain you can finish your slides the night before and it will still be fine ;-)

There have been 15 signups by mail so far, I expect a few more to just show up.

Friendly reminder: if you want to participate at the social event on Friday and/or dinner on Saturday please let me know so I can make reservations.

Looking forward to seeing you all at pkgsrcCon 2015!

Best regards,

> Am 13.06.2015 um 22:25 schrieb Christoph Badura <>:
> So, is there a programme yet?  Who's going?
> --chris

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