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Problem with print/cups15

I've recently installed cups15 so I can use my HP 2545 printer...

All of my packages, including print/cups15, print/hplip, x11/gtk2, and misc/libreoffice were installed from scratch, and all were built from source, on a 7.99.15 host/target (no cross-build).

Everything built fine, (including building gtk2 with the cups option), but when I try to add a printer using the web interface, something bad(TM) happens. :)

On the browser interface, I get as far as the "Add Printer" page (with Name, Description, and Location input fields, and display field for the connection URI and "share this printer?" checkbox). All three input fields are filled in with default values (which are all reasonable, so I've not made any attempt to change them), and the Share box is UNchecked.

Then I press the Continue button. This displays a page with two identical copies of the following

	Add Printer Deskjet_2540_series Error

	Unable to get list of printer drivers:

	    Internal Server Error

Looking in /var/log/cups/weeoe_log I find the following message (all on one line):

E [06/Jun/2015:11:56:53 +0800] PID 6778 (/usr/pkg/libexec/cups/daemon/cups-driverd) crashed on signal 11.

There doesn't seem to be any other information anywhere, and there is no core file.

Any clue on how to figure out what's broken? (Or, even better, how to fix whatever is broken?)

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