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A few issues with net-snmp on netbsd


   I've encountered three issues with net/net-snmp (off pkgsrc-current)
on netbsd 6.1.5 and netbsd-7.

   1) The build fails when the perl support is enabled.  (It complains
that net-snmp needs to be installed because it needs net-snmp-config).

   2) When I use `net-snmp-config --agent-libs` to build a subagent
module I get a warning that I'm using while needs, and there may be a conflict.  When
I run ldd on it doesn't list as a
dependency, but it lists  This looks a little strange to me.

   3) When I try to start snmpd, it exits after a few seconds.
/var/log/messages says that "sysctl vm.vm_meter" failed with errno 0 and
that message repeated ~12000 times, and then snmpd terminates.

   Is anyone else seeing any of these?  In particular issues 2 and 3?

Kind Regards,

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