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zsh statically compiled

Hi All,
     I have sent the forwarded message to the list. The mail
was accepted by the server but it does not seem to appear on the list.
The reason is perhaps that it was too long since I have added a log
of the compilation and the message size was about 60k.

Anyway, after looking at many place, I finally made it to
work by modifying the PLIST file to remove what I suppose to
be a list of files used when dynamically compiled.

The difference between the PLIST modified and the original one
is the following:

virtualisation# diff PLIST PLIST.orig 
> ${PLIST.dynamic}share/zsh/${PKGVERSION}/scripts/newuser

This seems to solve one of my problem. I would however appreciate
some hints on how to create a package manually with the command

Kind regards

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Date: Sun, 31 May 2015 11:34:02 +0200
Subject: zsh statically compiled
User-Agent: Mutt/1.5.20 (2009-06-14)
Message-ID: <>

Hi All,
     I have a small problem when I try to compile zsh statically.
The compilation itself works flawlessly but when a package
should be made few files seems to be missing (which could
be normal since no modules exist and all functionalities
are in the executables). If zsh is compiled dynamically
the package can be created.

Unfortunately, I have no idea how to correct the problem. 

One solution would be to make manually the package by using the command
"pkg_create". I have done that with the following command: 
"pkg_create -f /tmp/listezsh5.07.txt -c -"zsh-5.07 statically compiled" \
            -d /tmp/longDesc.txt /var/tmp/zsh-5.07-static.tgz"

The command works for creating the package, but when I try to install it
I get the following error message:
         virtualisation# pkg_add /var/tmp/zsh-5.07-static.tgz 
         pkg_add: Not all required build information are present.
         pkg_add: 1 package addition failed

I would greatly appreciate any idea or hint.

Best regards,


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