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Re: renaming emacs-xaw3d to xaw3d (Re: defaults/options.description

Makoto Fujiwara <> writes:

> editors/emacs-snapshot (and wip/emac-snapshot) has options xaw3d and lucid.
> These two options are NOT in mk/defaults/options.description yet.
> Before adding these options to above, I found emacs-xaw3d is already there.
>  1. rename existing emacs-xaw3d to xaw3d (for emacs21)
>  2. Use emacs-xaw3d instead of xaw3d  (for emacs-snapshot)
> (3. Use both emacs-xaw3d and xaw3d as they are)
> I would prefer option 1, mainly because xaw3d is simpler and straight-forward
> (wip/emacs-current is also with simple xaw3d).

Generally, I think an option for package foo to use bar, should look
like	bar

so having emacs- in the name of the option seems wrong.
One reason is that if you put the option in the option variable for the
package, the name is redundant.  The other is that one can put an option
in PKG_OPTIONS_DEFAULT, and there the variant naming is harmful.

editors/emacs24 does not have emacs- in any of its options.

So I think the descriptions should just be fixed (changed to xaw3d), and
I would also treat any emacs options with emacs- as a bug to be fixed,
and not be inclined to worry too much about compat.

I also think we only need descriptions for options printed out my make
show-options.  The fact that emacs21 interprets emacs-xaw3d as xaw is a
hack to recognize a previously valid and now discouraged form.

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