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Adding Bitrig support

Greetings package friends,

On Friday, i discovered Bitrig, which is a fork of OpenBSD. It has clang as
the base compiler package, supports amd64 (with arm{7,8} support in the
works), and has perhaps one GNU tool in base. They haven't decided on a
package system yet and are using OpenBSD's ports in the interim.

They have a friendly and helpful IRC channel on OFTC. Some were interested in
entertaining the idea of running pkgsrc on Bitrig. Since quite a lot of
packages in pkgsrc work on OpenBSD, it seemed trivial to make pkgsrc work on
Bitrig. Here's the results of yesterday's work:

The archive contains:  1) a CVS diff of the affected files in one mega
patch file; 2) the affect files; 3) the output of bootstrapping pkgsrc on
Bitrig. Could we get some feedback on these patches and maybe an approval for
their integration? I'd like confirmation if this requires bumping the package
versions of bmake, libnbcompat, bootstrap-mk-files, and pkg_install.

While pkgsrc won't solve the problem of packages limited to a set of ${OPSYS},
it can provide an alternative and a base upon which to build. Perhaps, the two
projects can work together toward a similar goal. At least, from fixing
packages on OpenBSD, it will be trivial to modify these patches to support
Bitrig as well and development/maintenance effort by both groups can be

Best regards,


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