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Re: multimedia/vlc{,2,21}

On Sun, 15 Mar 2015 11:35:29 -0400
Greg Troxel <> wrote:

> My usual request: proposing deletion should explain when the
> to-be-deleted packages were EOLed, or superceded, and why it's fair to
> say to anyone still using them that they are delinquent for not updating
> (that's a bit harsh, but captures the point).  So it would help if you
> could write a deletion proposal that allows people who don't understand
> vlc to judge the merits.   I have no idea when the last vlc1 release
> was, and when the first vlc2 release was for which "this is stable -
> everybody should upgrade".

Not arguing with the above but equivalently there should be clear and
documented motivation as to why multiple versions of a package were
required in the first place. The exists very real maintenance overhead
from pkgsrc-security@'s point of view. Valid reasons would be broken
ABI, large changes to the UI, removed features, removed platform
support. A dubious reason is "this is a major update and I'm not really
sure it will work for everyone".

Old versions that have an actual use case should at least be MAINTAINed
by someone other than pkgsrc-users@ if upstream has dropped support.

Kind regards,

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