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Re: update net/dhisd to 5.5

Thanks joerg@ and gdt@ for comments.

I've updated wip side. I'll update (in a few days) net/dhisd
with this.

Now pkglint warns as
WARN: DESCR:22: Variables are not expanded in the DESCR file.

but this is kind of intentional.

My understanding is, MESSAGE is not for user side installation.
But without some info after the package is installed, user may
have no idea how to do then.

So I adde the pointer to README path in DESCR for now as:
  see ${PREFIX}/share/doc/dhisd/README for info.
And unexpaned path would work, I think (or better than nothing).

Thank you,
Makoto Fujiwara, 
Chiba, Japan, Narita Airport and Disneyland prefecture.

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