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Re: [patch] fix for building archivers/zoo

On Fri 27 Feb 2015 at 13:20:49 +0100, Rhialto wrote:
> Anybody want to look at that? The kosmon.zoo file is available at
>  There is also but
> that isn't a directly equivalent archive.

The plot thickens. It seems as if the compressed data of the first file
is missing a byte, making the subsequent file headers off-by-one.
Compare the output of fiz, which finds them:

$ fiz kosmon.zoo
      20: DIR  [~^B^\~yu~<~^Z] ==> 196607
      42: DIR  [kosmon.asm] ==>  113
     113: DATA
   14440: DIR  [kosmon.doc] ==> 14512
   14511: DATA
   17343: DIR  [] ==>    0

and 113 + 14328 = 14441.

On the other hand it seems unlikely that my file has been corrupted
while on my system, since it is identical to one in the "funet pub/cbm
archive" and some of its mirrors.  People would have complained about
it, I expect...

The headers are protected with a crc so corruption there is noticed.
Compressed data isn't similarly proteced, but there is a crc over the
extracted data (which doesn't help here, since extraction fails too).

The current location of the archive has the zip file now
(, but the
mirrors still have the zoo file; such as 

So I'm mystified...

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