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Modular Xorg and synaptics

I am trying to make work  a synaptics pad a sony notebook
in NetBSD 7.99.4 
The kernel have support for the mouse pad, but I
cannot make it work in modular Xorg (intel chipset with KMS)
the sereen (X server) runs ok with a 1366x680 resolution
it is incredibly fast (an intel I3 chipset)...

The problem is that Xorg does not have the synaptics module
and if I try to compile (using tips from FreeBSD), it complains
about "sys/mouse.h"  that is not existent in the the kernel sources

Is there a way to tell xorg to recognize the synaptics mousepad???

The mouse, works, but it is erratic, due to the margins defined in the
mousepad by the kernel module (pckbdrv)  is too narrow.
and if I try to modify the sysctl, the system says it does not exists...
but a sysctl hw.synaptics shows..

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