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Re: Passenger 5 on Joyent SmartOS

* On 2015-02-19 at 21:57 GMT, Stephen Bradly wrote:

> However, Passenger 4 (passenger-4.0.53) does compile, albeit only after
> building libgetopt-1.4.6 first. In other words, pkgsrc doesn't seem to
> first handle this dependency, but it's simple to work around.

This may be an anomaly with your package set, adding 'getopt' to the
PREFER_NATIVE line in /opt/local/etc/mk.conf will avoid libgetopt
having to be pulled in (and is fixed properly for 2014Q4 onwards).

> > rake aborted!
> > Don't know how to build task 'agents'

The current wip/ruby-passenger package has a custom 'do-build' target
which currently tries to build the 'common:clean' and 'agents'
targets, it seems the first is still supported but the second is no
longer a valid target, so you'll need to dig into the new source to
figure out what the target should now be and then update Makefile.

Jonathan Perkin  -  Joyent, Inc.  -

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