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Re: ast-ksh fails to build on NetBSD 7

At date and time Thu, 06 Nov 2014 23:25:24 +0100 (CET), Havard Eidnes wrote:

> >>   | I have not had any luck building ast-ksh 2012-08 on NetBSD 7 beta
> >>   | (20141103) from either source or pkgsrc (2014Q2).
> >>   | When compiling on 7 no binary is produced.
> Hm, yes, I see that as well...  However, there's a binary package
> available from the bulk builds, ast-ksh-20120801, both for 2014Q2
> and 2014Q3, but those were built on/for 6.0 (but will work on
> 7.0_BETA as well).

Thanks Håvard. I thought a binary built on 6.1_STABLE might work on 7
but I wasn't sure if it would cause trouble later on.

I see that Joerg has done a lot of work since with ast-ksh. Perhaps his
work fixes the problems I had?

In the meantime I have been using mksh. Thorsten Glaser was more than
helpful with questions I had. There was a thread some years ago
suggesting mksh should replace NetBSD's own ksh (pdksh). Perhaps this
might be reconsidered?

Gerard Lally

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