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Re: pkgin on netbsd 6.1.5 amd64

Mike Pechkin <> writes:

> Installed netbsd 6.1.5 amd64
> What remote URL should use for PKG_PATH for
> # pkg_add -v pkgin
> is empty now.
I just made a symlink, but use "6.1" if it hasn't gotten to mirrors yet.
The point releases are security and bugfixes and don't change the ABI.
The directory they are really in is "6.0_2014Q3".  The 6.1.x are
symlinks to 6.1, which symlinks to 6.0_2014Q3.  Similary for 6.0.x to
6.0 to 6.0_2014Q3.

Using ftp and "dir" shows symlinks.
This is hard to figure out from the http listing, but the dates matching
is a clue.

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