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ast-ksh fails to build on NetBSD 7

I have not had any luck building ast-ksh 2012-08 on NetBSD 7 beta
(20141103) from either source or pkgsrc (2014Q2). David Holland kindly
informed me that this is a longstanding problem, although I have never
had any trouble compiling it on any of the NetBSD 6 releases.

When compiling on 7 no binary is produced. I would really like to get
this working on 7 - I have bought two books to learn the Korn shell and
at the moment I am stuck with NetBSD 6. For multiple other reasons I was
hoping to upgrade to 7 but this is a very disappointing showstopper for
me. Some reassurance that it is possible would be welcome, and of course
pointers on how to do the blessed thing!


Thank you.

Gerard Lally

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