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Re: can't install gnome

Ray Phillips <> writes:

> pkg_add: Warning: package `osabi-NetBSD-6.0' was built for a platform:
> pkg_add: NetBSD/x86_64 6.0 (pkg) vs. NetBSD/x86_64 6.1.5 (this host)
> The Operating System version (6.1.5) does not match 6.0
> pkg_add: install script returned error status
> pkg_add: Can't install dependency osabi-NetBSD-6.0

We have been discussing this problem on tech-pkg...

Generally, 6.0 and 6.1.5 should be pretty much ABI compatible.
So what I would do is download the osabi package, and then install it
with "pkg_add -f".

Yes, you can get pkgsrc and start building things from source.   But
your bug reports about binary packages are helpful.

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