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Re: Old octave issue

OK, I just added an octave package with Iain's patches to pkgsrc-wip. It's working fine for us on CentOS 6.5, but I haven't tested it on other platforms yet.

Also, I've installed a lot of packages on CentOS and haven't run into this issue with any others. I suppose it could be that other packages have similar patches, in which case altering MACHINE_GNU_PLATFORM logic would be the way to go.



On 10/20/14 16:29, Iain Morgan wrote:
Ineeed, I ended up simply doing a local hack and editing the PLIST file,
but it would be good to see a solution incorporated into pkgsrc itself.
I don't claim that the solution that I provided previously is the
"right" one, but it works and I haven't seen any proposals for
alternative solutions.

With regards to the directory mismatch issue, an alternative solution
would be to alter how MACHINE_GNU_PLATFORM is generated so that it is
more consistent with autoconf's config.guess. That seems like the more
correct approach, but it would impact more than just Octave.

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