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Quartz backend for Gtk and fonts


I just tried to build Gtk2 on Mac OS X 10.9 using the Quartz backend.
After gtk-demo started but showed no text, I found this log message in

Quartz backend interacts badly with our library stack. The most notable
issue is that when quartz-font is enabled, cairo will never use fontconfig
but instead uses CoreGraphics API to find fonts in system-default font
paths; as a result, any fonts installed with pkgsrc will never be found.
OTOH fontconfig by default searches for fonts in MacOS X system-default
paths too so sticking with it will not cause a problem.

So it tells me things will be broken. But what can be done to fix
them? Can I use fontconfig to point to the core fonts? How? Can I use
"--disable-quartz-font" when building cairo? If there is no way to use
Quartz in a reasonable way, could this be communicated in a better way
*before* trying to build packages using this option?

Joern Clausen

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