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Re: pkgsrc tree on fat filesystem writes:

> I’m interesting in whether the subject is possible?
> I’ve heard that one may put pkgsrc on case-insensitive
> fs, and that’s good, but how about fs without posix permissions?
> I’ve tried, but it looks broken, bmake fails at relative paths somehow.
> How to fix this?
> P.S.: i have all the things (like pkg base and work dir) pointed to a
> proper unix partition, so this shouldn’t be a trouble. I only need to
> read pkgsrc tree stored on fat fs.

I suspect this is one of those cases where no one ever tries, and it
might not work, either because of something that's actually hard to fix
or because of something trivial.

Can you explain why you want to do this?  (That may lead to an
alternative suggestion to solve the issue.)   Of course, if it's just
"I'm curious if it would work" that's fine too.

I wonder if there's a fuse fs to layer on top of FAT and provide
closer-to-Unix semantics including permissions.  But that may not solve
the problem you're trying to solve.

I would suggest that you set PKG_DEBUG_LEVEL=1 in mk.conf, and then try
to do various operations, like "make show-depends" and
"make show-vars VARNAMES=PKGNAME".

If that doesn't work, then other than debugging it yourself you could
post the output (or put it up and send a link).  Make sure to include OS
type and version, cpu, etc.  Also please try building packages from
pkgsrc on a real filesystem also (but with the same WRKDIR and so on
settings), and explain if that works.

If there's a change to make this work, and it doesn't harm using real
unix filesystems, and isn't gross, we're fairly likely to take it.  But
using FAT is sufficiently irregular that the threshold for a change
causing harm or being aesthetically displeasing is pretty low :-)

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