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Re: Change to nagios-base package.

On 9/29/14 1:34 PM, Jonathan Perkin wrote:
> * On 2014-09-29 at 18:45 BST, Dave Burgess wrote:
>> ... or for that matter almost any package we install.
>> Anyplace that uses "/usr/local/bin/perl" or "/usr/bin/perl" should be
>> modified to use:
>> #!/usr/bin/env perl
>> I've started doing this with my programs and it saves a LOT of
>> headaches.
> pkgsrc has REPLACE_PERL for this exact purpose (though it correctly
> uses the full path to pkgsrc-defined perl rather than relying on
> $PATH)

I second the importance of using the full path to the pkgsrc-defined
perl and *not* the "#!/usr/bin/env perl" idiom.  (This of course goes
for Python, Ruby, etc. scripts as well.)  I don't want a program that
happens to be a Perl script to depend on the PATH environment variable
in order to find the perl interpreter it needs.  If I install a program
via pkgsrc, I might have no idea whether it's a Perl script or a
natively compiled binary.  If it is a Perl script, it should definitely
run correctly even if perl is not found via the PATH environment
variable and even if some other version of perl is found via the PATH
environment variable that is incompatible with the perl needed by the



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