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drm in new firefox

Hello, had an announcement of DRM being added alas to Firefox
        in the last month or so.  I took a look at firefox30 in pkgsrc
        and the licenses in the project tree are MPL or GPL etc. as
        before and there is therefore open source code for drm in the
        mozilla project tree which I glanced at.  I am bothered by this
        and deleted this, does this raise any hackles for anyone
        else--did people know it is there?  
        I sent some info to in case they wanted to have a look
        if they were interested in suing the copyright question
        sometime--the source would help their analysis.  Not to involve
        NetBSD in the legal aspects, but people would benefit from such
        legal work done by such firms.  Was reminded.  This is the
        information.  Sorry about any delay in passing this on.

        John R. Towler

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