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Re: PHP SSH module

21. 9. 2014 v 11:29, D'Arcy J.M. Cain <>:

> A user asked me to install this and I found that we don't seem to have
> this package.  I see that FreeBSD also does not have a port for this.
> There is a package in WIP but there is no TODO.  I don't use PHP myself
> so I can't safely determine if it is ready for prime time.  Can someone
> more familiar with PHP take a look and see if it can be promoted?

The only reason I haven’t imported it is because it’s marked as beta on the PECL site. We do have stuff that’s not explicitly marked stable in the tree though, so probably not a big deal. We have been carrying it for our customers for ages, but I have no idea if anybody uses it at all.

It’s a tiny thing so possibly OK to import during freeze, or I can do it after.


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