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pkgsrc on Ubuntu: recent libtool bash/dash fallout with _bUiLdLiNk_


as 2014-09-19, I could not build packages requiring libtool anymore on
Ubuntu Linux (on the one netbsd5 build host I have, builds are ok).

E.g. with devel/zlib:

    libtool: compile:  gcc -c -O2 zutil.c -o zutil.o >/dev/null 2>&1
    libtool  --mode=link --tag=CC gcc -Wl,--enable-new-dtags,-R/opt/pkgsrc/lib -O2 -o  adler32.lo compress.lo crc32.lo deflate.lo gzclose.lo gzlib.lo gzread.lo gzwrite.lo infback.lo inffast.lo inflate.lo inftree
    s.lo trees.lo uncompr.lo zutil.lo -version-info 1:2 -rpath /opt/pkgsrc/lib
    /opt/pkgsrc/bin/libtool: line 6004: cd: _bUiLdLiNk__opt_pkgsrc_work_pkgsrc_devel_zlib_default_.buildlink#^A: No such file or directory
    libtool: link: cannot determine absolute directory name of `_bUiLdLiNk__opt_pkgsrc_work_pkgsrc_devel_zlib_default_.buildlink#^A'
    *** Error code 1

This '_bUiLdLiNk_'-stuff can be found in $WRKDIR/.wrappers/
in files cache, cache-body, transform.sed and untransform.sed.

I guess there is some bash vs. dash (Debian/Ubuntu default variant of
/bin/sh) problem involved. When invoked with

    bmake WRAPPER_SHELL=/bin/bash

building works fine again. I tried the checkbashisms script on the .sh
files in mk/, but it dit not report anything.

I already use
in mk.conf.

Should I now also always use
in mk.conf ?

/bin/bash takes longer than /bin/dash to invoke, might even be
measurable in huge builds (building zlib alone invokes the
@WRAPPER_SHELL@ 104 times).

Matthias Ferdinand

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