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Re: Can't compile lang/gcc4[68] on Solaris 11 (Sparc)

26. 8. 2014 v 13:22, Dirk Heinrichs <>:

> while trying to compile lang/gcc46 or lang/gcc48, either from 2014Q2 or from 
> the trunk, on Solaris 11, I get the following errors:
> ...
> OTOH, lang/gcc4[57] as well as a self-compiled GCC 4.8.3 build just fine, 
> using GCC 4.5 as installed from Solaris package repositories.

Use gcc47, if you can, it’s well supported on SunOS, and we have been using it 
for a long tim on SmartOS. AFAIK, gcc48 is pretty much messed up at this point. 
jperkin tried to figure out a way out, but it seems like skipping 4.8 and 
starting on 4.9 will be less work.


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