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removing py-qt3-*?


py-qt3 is not maintained upstream any longer; they "only" support
py-qt4 and py-qt5.

That in itself wouldn't be a problem, but all three of these use
py-sip, and py-qt3 isn't buildable against the latest py-sip.

So I took a look at what is using py-qt3 in pkgsrc. Here's the list:

databases/luma (last release and homepage update: 2008, pkgsrc version from 
devel/eric3 (devel/eric4 using qt4 is already in pkgsrc)
misc/kodos (last release from 2006)
misc/mnemosyne (should be updated to 2.3.1, I'll take a look)
wm/icecc (last release from 2004)

and of course the packages for py-qt3 themselves, x11/py-qt3*

Would anyone miss any of these terribly?

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