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Re: can't upgrade apache tomcat package, complains about tomcat user

On 8/15/2014 3:01 PM, Jonathan Perkin wrote:
* On 2014-08-15 at 19:19 BST, Eric Haszlakiewicz wrote:

I get this error when trying to upgrade an installation of Apache Tomcat:

installing apache-tomcat-6.0.41...
The following users need to be created for apache-tomcat-6.0.41:

         tomcat (uid = 1076): tomcat, /usr/pkg/share/tomcat, /bin/sh

pkg_install warnings: 1, errors: 1
pkg_install error log can be found in /var/db/pkgin/pkg_install-err.log

but I already have a tomcat user, although with a different uid. Why is this
This is what this change fixes:

but I think there was some objection to it, hence why I haven't
committed it yet (we use it for our SmartOS packages and set

Ok, but why did it start caring what the uid is in the first place? I could have sworn I've done similar upgrades in the past (e.g. postfix, dovecot), but perhaps I just happened to end up with the same uid? Needing to set a variable to upgrade any package that creates a user is less than ideal.

Anyway, I fixed the problem by just changing the uid of the tomcat user. It turned out I didn't have as many files as I though I did on the system that I was upgrading, so chowning them all wasn't a bit deal.


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