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Re: XFCE 4.10


I am interested in Xfce 4.10, but I don't know how to install it?

Best regards

> Hi,
> I recently posted PR pkg/48973 about XFCE 4.10 update. Since it has not
> been picked up, I thought I'd write a note about it here so that people
> interested in using a newer XFCE with pkgsrc can do so with the help of
> that PR.
> The PR has a patch that updates core XFCE packages. The caveat is that it
> does not update any of the extras such as the various panel plugins and so
> they had to be removed. On the other hand, most of the extras should be
> very
> simple to make available: just update the dependency version numbers and
> distfile.
> Arto

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