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Re: x11/motif fails to build under Linux

On Mon, Jun 23, 2014 at 12:42:21PM -0500, J. Lewis Muir wrote:
 > On 6/23/14, 11:39 AM, Dario Niedermann wrote:
 > > A symlink to '/usr/lib/' is missing from 'x11-links/lib/'.
 > >
 > > I bet that's at least part of what is causing the problem.
 > Hmm, I'm not knowledgeable enough to know for sure whether
 > pkgtools/x11-links should be providing that, but my initial feeling is
 > that it should not since I don't think is part of any of the
 > X11 packages supported by pkgtools/x11-links.

It is not.

 > I guess the next question is, why is x11/motif trying to use
 > I see that pkgsrc has a devel/libuuid which provides, and it
 > also has a which should enable the native version on your
 > system to be used.  So, if x11/motif needs, then it should
 > depend on devel/libuuid, but it does not.  And on Darwin, I don't have
 > libuuid, yet I can build x11/motif just fine.  So, maybe x11/motif needs
 > a devel/libuuid dependency added for Linux, or maybe there's a configure
 > option to make it not use libuuid?
 > That's probably as far as I can go at the moment.  I think a more
 > experienced pkgsrc developer will know better how to solve this problem.

There's just one catch: nothing whatsoever in the motif distfile
contains the string 'uuid'. The reference must be coming from some .la
or .pc file somewhere -- it might be one provided by x11-links but
more likely it's in native X somewhere. Finding out where it's coming
from might be helpful.

It isn't clear to me what's going wrong though. In theory this ought
to work.

David A. Holland

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