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Re: Inconsisten handling of charset.aliases breaking some packages

Iain Morgan <> writes:

> A few months back, I reported a problem with the nandling of
> lib/charset.alias in math/octave on this mailing list. I eventually
> suggested an admittedly kludgy patch to address that issue and a second
> issue with octave on Linux. Subsequently, I've found another package,
> www/elinks, which appears to have a similar issue with
> lib/charset.alias.
> In both cases, the PLIST file for the package unconditionally includes
> charset.alias. However, the build process does not install this file
> on all platforms; which causes pkg_create to fail.

So really to fix this the packages have to install the same set of files
on every platform.  Or, there has to be some per-platform (or per-iconv
type?) rule, that can lead us to having a PLIST.charset.alias variable
so these can be variable.

> I noticed in another package, net/lftp, that the reference to
> charset.alias only appears as a comment in the PLIST file;
> indicating that the file belongs to libiconv. So, could we take a
> similar approach for other packages -- or just remove the reference to
> charset.alias in packages other than libiconv?
> release and current wip is as follows:
> Looking over the PLIST* files, I find the following:
>       converters/libiconv/PLIST:share/examples/libiconv/charset.alias
>       math/octave/PLIST:lib/charset.alias
>       sysutils/libvirt/PLIST:lib/charset.alias
>       emulators/mednafen/PLIST:@comment belongs to libiconv: lib/charset.alias
>       www/elinks/PLIST:share/elinks/locale/charset.alias
>       wip/elinks-snapshot/PLIST:@comment    belongs to libiconv: 
> lib/charset.alias
>       wip/nios2-gdb/PLIST:lib/charset.alias
>       wip/elinks-libmm/PLIST:share/elinks/locale/charset.alias
>       wip/ccrypt/PLIST:lib/charset.alias
>       wip/nightfall/PLIST:lib/charset.alias
>       wip/gdb/PLIST.common:lib/charset.alias
>       net/lftp/PLIST:@comment belongs to libiconv: lib/charset.alias
> As you can see, we don't handle the file in a consisten manner.

But if they are just deleted from PLIST, then extra files will be
installed on some platforms.

The real question is what's driving the difference in build behavior.

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