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Haiku: some questions and thoughts

Curiosity finally got the better of my regarding Haiku (, and I 
downloaded the anyboot image, extracted and installed by dd to 4 GB USB stick.

I was expecting just another joke OS but was surprised when it seemed to run 
smoothly, and Web Positive ran well.

Now I wonder if Web Positive could be ported to pkgsrc, might be better than 
some of the other lesser web browsers there.  Or would the license prohibit it?

Now I need to know better how to find my way around, what file systems Haiku 
can read and write besides BFS.  And what Haiku uses instead of "man".  Is 
there an online guide like the NetBSD Guide or FreeBSD Handbook for Haiku?

I had a session on Haiku Terminal, did some exploring, but still have much to 
learn on finding my way around and not formatting the wrong disk partition.

I have no experience at all with BeOS but know about the history.  

Be, Inc. couldn't keep going, sold out to Palm, who subsequently buried the 
source code.


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