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Re: www/seamonkey fails to install: possible PLIST error

> I will update seamonkey to 2.26.1 tonight.

> > I was successful building netsurf and dillo in www category, also lynx and 
> > links-gui.

> > Now on NetBSD 6.99.43 amd64

> > But I want to see how and if print/hplip works (built successfully).

> I have no HP printer...


Congratulations on having no HP printer!  

Now I don't want to ever buy anything from HP again, unless I somehow get the 
printer to work, then I might buy their toner and paper.

Now I'd lean to Brother.

But now I can't get X to start (no screens found), and that will spoil not only 
hp-setup but Seamonkey, dillo and netsurf as well.

That computer is now busy on a ddrescue of a partition from the bad hard drive, 
from FreeBSD 10.0 i386.

After that is finished, I'll try to find Xserver file and look again at 
/etc/ttys, and if still no look, start another thread on this list, since my 
Xorg is modular/pkgsrc.


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