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Re: suggested patch to mupdf

Hello Richard,

On Sun, Jun 15, 2014 at 12:54:20PM +0200, Richard PALO wrote:
> All this talk about mupdf, I had to try... just needed some work for
> seems more appropriate as a global patch:
> any comments prior to pushing?
Unfortunately I only use NetBSD and so I've tested it only on it...
I saw that after the 1.4 release SunOS wasn't supported due to various
-lm problems (affecting mujs), if this fixes this problem please go
ahead and commit it.

It would be nice if you can send it upstream too and add a comment that
-D_XOPEN_SOURCE=600 is needed to build it on SunOS in patch-Makethird
(in order to not have it accidently removed during next updates).

Thank you for fixing that,

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