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Re: Package with changed PLIST can't be updated?

> Some time ago, the gcc48 package was split into more packages, and the
> updater didn't know that either.

> Just delete ruby193-subversion or gcc48 and try again, and it should
> be fine.
>  Thomas

Error message was devious, so I thought it was a changed PLIST rather than 
renamed or split package.

I ran pkg_delete -f ruby193-subversion
and then built and installed ruby200-subversion successfully.

I also ran 
make update
in lang/gcc48

So I'm now trying pkg_rolling-replace again, it's going to the previously 
failed update of gcc-aux.

If that fails, I'll add -X gcc-aux to pigeonhole that part for later but not 
stop other packages.

FreeBSD ports has better tools for name changes and moved ports, with 
portmaster and portupgrade:

portmaster -o ruby200-subversion ruby193-subversion
(similar with portupgrade), also
pkg set -o ruby193-subversion:ruby200-subversion 
before upgrading.

That's the idea, though FreeBSD ports' names are not in sync with NetBSD pkgsrc.

I say this not to make NetBSD with pkgsrc look bad, but part of marketing in 
the commercial world is keeping up with what competing businesses are doing, 
and I think this idea applies to open-source software as well.

I had thought of updating my USB-stick installation of NetBSD 6.1_STABLE i386 
(8 GB), dating to June 2013, then pkg_rolling-replace because of print/cups and 
print/hplip, but now I think I can better make a list of packages (/var/db/pkg 
or /usr/packages/All) and build fresh on NetBSD-current amd64 or i386, hard 
drive or 16 GB USB stick.

hplip didn't work on my printer, also mouse in X would move only horizontally 
and not vertically, great frustration after I built and installed modular Xorg, 
icewm and firefox.

On my first email not reaching the list, I noticed from that pkgsrc-users got no new messages on June 14, 
so maybe that list was temporarily not working.

My NetBSD installation is not yet fully functional for email.  I have msmtp and 
mpop but nothing else, and don't have the certs yet: needed on 
AT&T/Yahoo/Bellsouth but not .  My ISP is now Time Warner Cable, was 
formerly .


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