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Re: Best pdf viewer in pkgsrc?

    From: Michai Ramakers <> [140611 18:18]
    On 11 June 2014 18:00, Ottavio Caruso 
<> wrote:
    > Hello, I've tried gv and xpdf but they don't really improve on the
    > quality of Firefox internal pdf viewer.
    > What other applications can I try?
    one more (big) vote for mupdf; I was using acroread, then epdfview,
    then mupdf since about a year; haven't touched the other viewers
    That is, if you like keyboard control and can live without the
    document index being displayed.

The only thing I really miss on mupdf and xpdf is some memory function,
so that it opens on the recent page where I closed it before. 

Mupdf would be a good e-book reader. Just nothing there with bookmarks
or anything similar.

Is there any solution what I didnt discover yet? 

herb langhans

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