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Re: gftp


Thanks for your help with FileZilla. I have only been searching package
with FTP in the name.

I didn't knew gftp was so old.

Best regards

> On Tue, Jun 10, 2014 at 04:41:08PM +0200, wrote:
>> Is it possible for pkgsrc to get the gftp ftp-client?
> Probably.
> I wonder why you want it though, the last version is from 2008, and in
> 2013 the author wrote:
> "June 2013 - It has been over five years since I last put out a new
> release of gFTP. I have some ideas about where I would like to see the
> project go, however life gets in the way. I would like to hand this
> project off to someone compotent. I am willing to work with you to
> help get you up to speed on the code base and what I think needs to be
> done to improve it. I would expect a few patches first to ensure
> interest, but after that you would be free to take the project in
> whatever direction that you wanted."
> Since there is no update, it seems pretty abandoned.
> Have you tried e.g. filezilla?
>  Thomas

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