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Re: print/cups version far behind, bad MASTER_SITES

> Hello Thomas,

> If nobody is doing that I'll try to update it during this weekend.
> In this email I will attach required patches to update print/cups to the
> latest stable version (1.7.3).
> Please note that I have *only* tested the client via ${LOCALBASE}/bin/lp
> (I have a Debian GNU/Linux with cups-server in another room at home).

> When I will configure it as a server too I will send-pr(1) as usual
> (hope I'll do that in the next few days).

> HTH,
> Ciao,
> L.

I am edgy because I have a coupon to print and a printer (HP LaserJet M1212nf 
MFP) that refuses to set up.

Needed port/package is print/hplip, where cups is a dependency.  FreeBSD got 
stuck because the broken cups-base 1.7.2 wouldn't build.

I could try to build emulators/wine-devel on FreeBSD i386 and then see if the 
printer will set up with Windows software in wine.  I could try that on 
NetBSD-current as well, and Linux subsequently.


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