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Re: pkgsrc vs built-in openssl when using pkg-config to build 3rd party software

On 1 June 2014 00:39, Greg Troxel <> wrote:
>     michai@main:/tmp/ftest/f$ pkg-config --libs-only-L libssl
>     -L/usr/pkg/lib
> That matches a netbsd-5 system I have.  I'd say that the .pc file from
> pkgsrc ssl is wrong and should also have -R.  However, in my opinion
> using --libs-only-L is wrong, without also using --libs-only-other.
> As an example, look at atk, which has -L and -Wl,-R in L and other:
> $ pkg-config atk --libs-only-other
> -Wl,-R/usr/pkg/lib

Alright, thx. pkg-config 0.28 (which is the most recent from pkgsrc I
believe) which I have here doesn't seem to have a '--libs-only-other'
option. Which version are you using?


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