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Re: emacs binary packages?

"OBATA Akio" <> writes:

> On Fri, 09 May 2014 08:19:48 +0900, Greg Troxel <> 
> wrote:
>> I updated a soekris net6501-70 from netbsd-6 from a year ago to recent,
>> and installed the pkgin binary package from  I used it
>> to install a few other things (bash, m4, rsync) and generally all was
>> well.  But emacs-24-nox111 dumps core on startup.  I have seen
>> similar(?) behavior when changing an i386 system to an PAE kernel.  So I
>> wonder if the emacs dump/undump process bakes in some assumptions that
>> cause the binary to be not portable.   And if so, what we should do
>> about it?
> known issue, emacs for i386 built on amd64 Xen is broken?

I have also seen a similar problem, with is that I have an i386 system
with 16G of RAM (running i386), with emacs23-nox11 built locally which
works fine.  Then, I changed to a PAE kernel, to be able to use the
extra RAM for buffer cache (presumably).   However, emacs would then
dump core.

So it may be that the key point is PAE vs non-PAE.

So do the official bulk build i386 emacs packages (built on XEN/PAE??)
work for anyone, anywhere?

Does this issue affect amd64 at all?  Or is it just i386?

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