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Re: libidn fails to build on Linux

On Mon, 27 Jan 2014 17:28:52 +0900, Michael Kopp 
<> wrote:

On Mon, Jan 27, 2014 at 08:38:59AM +0100, Volkmar Seifert wrote:
> > archives/xz
> > archives/libarchive
> > textproc/expat
> >
> > and probably some more...
> Hmm, should we set it by default in these days?

Depending on how many more, I'd say yes. This seems a bit like the
dconf-discussion, only that this is an even more general requirement,
as it seems...
If however, it's just these four, I'd vote for no.

It's probably more.  There hase been a thread on this topic already:
but it does not seem that anything happened after that.  I would vote to
generally enable the functionality provided by SET_LIBDIR.  I mean: Why
not?  What bad could come from settig the lib dir in all packages to the
default directory when every package relies on this default directory?

I'm working on.
"--libdir=..." is used for different way in more than a little packages,
then SET_LIBDIR=yes will break such packages.
So I want to change as following, same as infodir and mandir:

framework changes:
  "yes" or "no": configure has --libdir option or not
  (will be "yes" by default)
  full path to libdir for the package
  ${GNU_CONFIGURE_PREFIX}/lib by default
  package specific sub directory of libdir

packages changes:
* change "CONFIGURE_ARGS+=--libdir=${PREFIX}/lib/foo" to 
* change "CONFIGURE_ARGS+=--libdir=${PREFIX}/bar" to 
* add "CONFIGURE_HAS_LIBDIR=no" if no --libdir support
* drop "SET_LIBDIR=yes"

any comments?

OBATA Akio /

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