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Re: Issues with Firefox 26 and sound (html5 videos)


From: Ottavio Caruso <>, Date: Tue, 
21 Jan 2014 09:55:56 +0100

> On 21 January 2014 09:12, Thomas Klausner <> wrote:
>> You need to set up pulseaudio. See e.g.
>> for details how to do that.
> Thanks Thomas, but now I've discovered that FF won't even play the
> video. I was fooled into thinking it was a sound problem only because
> the video seem to start but it actually hangs.
> I use this test page:
> and any youtube videos.
> I can see the progress bar loading in the background but the video won't 
> start.
> Has it got to do with video codecs?
> Where would one grab the codecs for V8/V9 (Webm) and Vorbis on Netbsd?
> Are included in pulseaudio?

I can watch your video correctly with sound with firefox-26.0nb1 under
NetBSD/amd64 6.99.29.

V8/V9/Vorbis codecs are built in firefox 26.0.
And if you want to play H.264 or other videos, you can use gstreamer 0.10
codecs to play H.264 or other videos. (But I have no idea what packages
enable H.264 video...)

If your video's progress bar cannot progress, pulseaudio does not
work properly in many cases.

$ pulseaudio --kill
$ pulseaudio --cleanup-shm
$ pulseaudio --start

may help you.

Or kill, cleanup-shm and reboot firefox.

And pulseaudio 2.1.nb12 or earlier is not stable, especially second
invocation of pulseaudio causes hang of pulseaudio.
You can confirm your pulseaudio version.

Thank you.

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