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ANN: nih-0.12.0

I've just released new version of nih-0.12.0, binary package manager for
pkgsrc. Major changes in this release is below.

  Most important parts of pkg_grep_summary, a part of
  pkgtools/pkg_summary-utils, was reimplemented in C. As a result
  "nih {search,info,meta,leaf,install,remove,deps}" should work faster.

  nih install:
    - if pkg_update_plan(1) fails, nih(1) exits with pkg_update_plan's
      exit status.
    - packages to be installed or removed are output in sorted order.

  nih {search,meta,info}:
    - "nih meta" now defaults to -1 mode (internally).
    - documentation for -1|-3|-9 ads added for "nih {info,meta}" commands
    - "nih info" now defaults to -3 mode.
    - "nih {search,meta,info}" now work correctly with -{o,i} options
      if ~/.nih/pkg_summary.txt is absent.
    - new option -l was added to "nih {search,info}" that outputs
      package file list.

  Summary for installed packages is cached in
  ~/.nih/pkg_inst_summary.txt. "nih {refresh,search,info,meta,deps,list} -i"
  use this file and update it when necessary.

  nih refresh:
    - Option -P was added for fully rescanning pkgsrc tree.
    - The default value for PKGSRCDIR is not determined at build time
      anymore.  As a result "nih refresh -p" does not try to access
      /tree/pkgsrc used by bouyer@ who builds official NetBSD binary
      packages. Now PKGSRCDIR defaults to /usr/pkgsrc.
    - "nih refresh -p" shows progress counter (the number of scanned
      packages) unless -m is in PSS_OPTIONS.
    - option -i was added that updates summaries for installed
      packages (~/.nih/pkg_inst_summary.txt).

  nih remove:
    - does not try to create $CACHEDIR and "cd" to it.

  nih list:
    - was completely reimplemented and simplified.
    - new option -p was added that outputs pkgsrc tree packages.

  nih deps:
    - new options -b and -p were added for working with binary
      repository and pkgsrc scanned packages
      (pkg_summary.txt ad pkg_src_summary.txt respectively)
    - option -1 was added that outputs direct dependencies or dependents.

    - better conversion from "uname -r" to repository URL.
    - REPOSITORY for SunOS defaults to

  Support for summaries with no PKGPATH, e.g., compat50-5.1.tgz, was

  Option -I for "list", "deps', "meta", "info" and "search" was
  renamed to -i. Option -I is supported for backward compatibility.

  package_search.pdf was updated, fixed and improved.

Best regards, Aleksey Cheusov.

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