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Re: Bogus 'svn: No route to host'?

On Jan 9, 10:15am, Hauke Fath wrote:
} On Thu, 9 Jan 2014 00:59:44 -0800, Tom Spindler (moof) wrote:
} > IPv6/IPv4 issue? Might be within libserf.
} You mean, like <>?
} The svn server is multihomed:
} % host
} has address
} has IPv6 address 2001:638:208:ef34:0:ff:fe00:72
} mail is handled by 5
} mail is handled by 10
} %

     Could be.  svn has bogus behaviour where if there is an AAAA
record for a site, it will only try that and won't fallback to
IPv4.  This means that if a site has an AAAA record, you're using
a kernel that supports IPv6 such as GENERIC, and you don't have
IPv6 connectivity, then the only way to get to the site is to
manually specify the IPv4 address.  This is extremely broken
behaviour.  There is a thread (bug report?) about it on one of the
svn mailing lists.  The svn maintainers apparently have no intentions
of fixing the problem.

}-- End of excerpt from Hauke Fath

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