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ghostscript-agpl and cups

For a long time, ghostscript has had a cups options, which built
gstoraster.  But recent ghostscript-agpl has removed cups support:;a=commitdiff;h=9304a21699a6c17579fae32f44f5c92a37c13e2d

and it is now instead in

As a result, ghostscript-agpl with the cups option fails to build, and
this is not fixable.  (There is no recent ghostscript-gpl, so it doesn't
have this new issue.)

I propose to (now) remove the cups option from ghostscript-agpl, and
replace it with a comment (no PKGREVISION++).  Options for people are to
downgrade to ghostscript-gpl, to decide they don't need cups support, or
to package and install cups-filters (obviously not for this branch).


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